Supermom Vs. Pitchfork Mom and which one I am + For the Moms

If I were a cartoon, there would have been steam blasting out my ears and perhaps a pitchfork in my hand.

I blew up at my 5-year-old for dumping the toy bins out in one big pile.



Yet there he was, hugging my shoulder and saying "mommy, I love you" with a smile on his face.

I thought to myself...

Do I deserve this?

This sweet kindness and love from my son right now?

I knew I made a bigger deal out of the situation than it needed to be.

I knew keeping calm, cool and collected was what any "good" parent would do...that's what all of the magazines say, right?

But I'm no super-mom.

It's amazing how forgiving, kind and unconditionally loving our children are.

They don't see US how we see OURSELVES.

You see...

You aren’t merely loved by your children.

You’re irreplaceable.






Because while hugs & kisses are all fine and dandy,

it’s the life lessons you’re teaching that dazzle-

the encouraging,

the scolding,

the strict bedtime (or curfew).

Sometimes the most heartbreaking, snot-nosed lessons,

will be the ones to build their character the most.

And molding them into happy, healthy, value-infused little people?

Is what you take pride in.

Don’t be invisible in their childhood photos.

You’re too indispensable to be omitted from their past.


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Weeping to Macklemore + “The Office” Because of THIS one thing

Tears streaming.

The office on Netflix.

Me hoping my husband won’t walk in.


Why? Because of this line in the last episode of The Office -


“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them...somebody should write a song about that.”


Andy was right…


These ARE the “good ol’ days”.


For me, it’s my 2-year-old climbing into bed and snuggling with me 15 minute before my alarm goes off.



It’s the glee and joy from our 3 boys playing with glow sticks.

It’s Jackson's’ two missing teeth on bottom.

Noah’s questions...ALL of the questions, about EVERYTHING...


So now my question for you…



When you look back on today in 10,20,30 years...why will TODAY be the ‘Good old days?’


I’m going to get off topic here for a second - but it will all come together. And the “Mackelmore part” is coming too ;)




Why it is that people like you, like me, like everyone, would fist save their loved ones and then grab their photos if their house was on fire before any other belonging?


We all KNOW we would...but it’s really hard to describe why, isn’t it?

It’s a our gut, in our heart, not really in logic.


I’ll give you my best shot at that answer.


It’s because these images aren’t just a piece of paper, proof we really did exist and how we looked.


We save our photos first, because when we see them we get transported back into the “good old days.”


Memories that were buried suddenly come rushing out.

Things we had forgotten even happened since they happened.  

The emotions.

How we felt.

Why we felt it.


Our photographs are the bridge between forgotten and remembered.


Between past lives, and lives re-lived as we tell our children and grandchildren the story of the photo.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words...but when a portrait is paired with a story? When a portrait gives you the context of who the people are…..What’s THAT worth...INFINITELY more than a thousand words, in my opinion.


“Someday soon your whole life’s gonna change…

You’ll miss the magic of these Good ol’ days….” - Macklemore and Kesha


What portraits of today will YOU show your children and grandchildren that will tell magical stories about the ‘good old days?’


I’ll be capturing people's “good old days” soon...both with 15 minute mini sessions and full family portraits.


The magic of children tickling mom and dad...

...the way Dad throws Bryson up on his shoulder like a sack-of-potatoes- just like he does everyday after work..

...the way little Oliver furrows his brows whenever his older siblings chase him…


The mini session Early Bird Offer ($97) expires today 11/1 at 10 pm and you can find out more here. (Perfect if you don’t want a full-on session, but want to give “good old day” gifts to people in one decision)


For a full 45-60 minute session, email me at and I’ll send you more info.


In BOTH cases?


I’ll be asking you what makes today the ‘good old days’ and will incorporate that into your session :)




Lisa “good old days” Edwards

Lisa Wareham Photography


P.S. Please hit comment and tell me - When you look back on today in 10, 20,  years...why will TODAY be the ‘Good old days?’


P.P.S. After you respond back with PS #1, check out the mini session early bird offer here.

Come join the indoor snow fight + one of my most EMBARRASSING moments

5 years ago I woke up barely able to get out of bed. The day before, I crashed and burned...I slipped on the fake snow on the floor of my studio while photographing a few kids and adults. Oh yeah, and I was 7 months pregnant!

Imagine a 40-pounds heavier me, giant belly and all, walking forward, catching about  foot of air, and BOOM. Landing on my maternity-pants butt.

GHASP. There was silence.

“I’m cool! I’m good. That didn’t hurt!” I exclaimed, while barely being able to talk because I kinda sorta-a little bit got the wind knocked out of me.

Well - this year I’ve got the falling part covered! (think small carpets so its not slippery) And, I’m not pregnant (knock on wood…)

Intruducing….Drum Roll Please…

Fall Family Mini Sessions + snow kicker at the end.


Think 10-15 minute photo sessions to get a grand family portrait update for this year’s Holiday cards, AND the last 2-3 minutes will be a BLAST of throwing fake snow at each other! Your kids will love to get the chance to smash fake snow in your face and at each other.

That’s right, the first 10 or so minutes is for getting heartwarming, tickling, bear-hugging images of you and your family. The LAST 2-3 minutes is for getting rambunctious!

And you know what ALWAYS (ok...95% of the time) makes kids behave for family photos? The chance to do something rambunctious & naughty!

Who this is perfect for:

  • If you’ve been trying to drag your husband to family photos, but he isn’t diggin’ it...this is perfect! Short, sweet, AND fun!
  • If you’ve had a traditional, longer 45-60 minute family portrait session done in the past 1-2 years and don’t want to invest in a full on session, this is perfect for you.
  • If you love having your photos taken, SO MUCH that you do it multiple times a year, and this time you’d really just like a nice portrait for your Christmas Card and a few gifts, and you don’t want to go full on in for an album, this is perfect!
  • If you don’t know WHAT to get your parents for the Holidays, because, let's face it, they buy everything they want! Then this is PERFECT for you! Photos are grandma’s DREAM for a Christmas gift!
  • If you ARE a grandparent, and want photos with your grandkids! Or, if you want to give one of these sessions as a “pre-holiday” a “hint-hint, nudge-nudge” for what YOU really want for Christ
  • If you just don’t have the time to put together everything for a full on portrait session. Where DID the year go? And now it’s almost Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and CHRISTMAS!


I’m only taking on 15 sessions, on Friday, Saturday and Monday November 10, 11 and 13th.

Family Photos + Snow Fight Kicker, Credit and Ornament

10-15 minute portrait session of your family showing off your warm, loving relationship. The last 2-3 minutes is the snow fight kicker! You’ll get to throw “fake” snow at each other and just go a little bit crazy!

$47 portrait credit toward your artwork of choice - great for hanging on your wall or giving as gifts (online ordering), and can also go toward a single digital file or multiple digital files for holiday cards and printing

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[Real Time Granite Mountain / Speculator Fire Updates]

granite mountain spec fire butte mt

***Between today, 6/8 and Sunday, 6/11 I'll be posting in real time the letters and events from 100 years ago, along with some images from the current date.


When you look out your window, drive in the streets or just go for a walk - think about this for a moment...the light on the mountains, the blooms on the tree, the sky, the temperature, the smell of the trees...


This feeling is what, 100 years ago TODAY 168, men woke up to, as usual.


Their wives, children, mothers, brothers, sisters, co-workers woke up, as usual.


Or perhaps they were just getting off a shift.


They spent the day as usual.


Likely not knowing it would be the last daylight they would ever see.


They kissed their wives, their children.


They looked out the window at what we today see - the trees FINALLY green with spring, the pink and white blossoms falling away...


It was a day probably like all of the rest - probably taken for granted with not much time for reflection - a "normal" day...


...a day that when they entered the mine that night and realized there was no getting out, they would probably replay in their mind...


That brief kiss on the cheek to their wives became more, meant more, and perhaps could have been longer...the slobbery kiss from a 2-year old became so much more...


The moments we ourselves take for granted every day (myself especially included) that are meant to be savored and enjoyed, but instead are "routine" and go unnoticed.


Sometimes it takes a tragedy that happened 100 years ago to REALLY notice it. We all "know" it, we're bombarded with quotes on a daily basis on social media, but it doesn't seem like something that could happen to us.